Jason Reads the All Saints’ Day of the Dead

Friends: I recorded myself reading the opening pages of my latest book. In these first few pages, we are introduced to Deacon Dat Nguyen, a Vietnamese clergyman in South-Louisiana on an exchange program. Dat is reflecting on his failed invocation at the Black Pot Festival earlier that day, when a disturbance in the cemetery behind the church puts him on high alert. He can’t believe what he sees–someone dressed as the Grim Reaper squared off in a fight against blond girl in a nun’s tunic. The Reaper is Butch McClaren, the abusive ex-boyfriend of the hero of the story, Constance Miller. You’ll meet Constance in the next installment–and you won’t be disappointed. Trust me.

Live Like Rogan, Like Jocko – All Them Kings New Bayou Books

  1. Live Like Rogan, Like Jocko – All Them Kings
  2. A Year in (the) Rear-view
  3. Be Prepared to Say Goodbye to Old Habits and Friends (and Welcome New Ones)
  4. The Meaning is in the Commitment
  5. Is this a Hero’s Journey, and if So, Who is the Hero? (Surely not me?)

Published by New Bayou Books

JR Reed started New Bayou Books to spark a revolution in Louisiana literature. The goal of the company is simple: to great writers out of the shadows to carry on the Louisiana literary tradition.

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