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A Beer-Napkin Primer on Country Mardi Gras + A Complicated Story on Blackface New Bayou Books

Mardi Gras post 2023
  1. A Beer-Napkin Primer on Country Mardi Gras + A Complicated Story on Blackface
  2. A Beer-Napkin Primer on Country Mardi Gras + A Complicated Story on Blackface
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I’ve been away for a couple weeks (not that you noticed). And while I was not writing my Monday blog, I had another realization. Call it an insight . . . which I would like to share with you now.

There are some shining examples of productivity, intelligence, and industry out there these days. If you’re still tethered to legacy media, you might not be hip to them . . . but if you’re reading this blog, there’s a very good chance that you’re already a disciple of male role models like Joe Rogan, Jocko Willink, Sam Harris, Jordan Peterson, Ryan Holiday, and Chris Williamson. If you aren’t, do yourself a favor and take a YouTube tour with these guys.

If you do, you’ll probably come away with a sense of awe. Each one of those men have their shit together in a very serious way. They are healthy, smart, wise, compassionate, prepared . . . and industrious. It’s that last quality that really appeals to me. These guys are busy! I mean, just into all kinds of shit. They do podcasts, write books, operate businesses (not just online, but real brick and mortar stuff . . . hell, Jocko has several factories!). They make time for fitness and for family. They are funny. They are kind.

I used to envy the shit out of them. Until a couple weeks ago, when I realized that . . . well, I am one of them! Okay, so I don’t quite have my shit together to say, the degree that Jocko does. I don’t get up at 430AM every — single — day. But I’m on that same track, and I’m in that same mindset. Writing books, recording audio, coaching Little League baseball, practicing guitar, restoring old tools, running and working out . . . planning my next book event, shortly after which comes the Cajun cooking contest I entered with my brother (Black Pot festival baby!).

Am I bragging? I hope not. I’m actually not nearly as good as I could be at any one of those activities I just mentioned. But thing is, I’m doing them. Not because I have to or because they will make me money, but because it feels good to do them.

Every one of the very well known dudes I name checked are I’m sure, richer than I am. But I don’t envy them. I don’t want to be them. And the reason I don’t have those feelings is because I am in the very same club as them. I’m already there. We’re all guys who pursue truth, who value hard work, who get a kick out of having an idea and then bringing it into the real world.

And that’s the realization. That I don’t need permission to be like my role models, even if I will never meet them in person and may never have the kind of dough they have. I may not ever have the ability to influence so many people (which is their true power) . . . but it doesn’t cost anything to get busy.

I can write my books, host my library events, get my blues band going, work on that stand up routine, post my audiobook, train for the rock and roll marathon, and finish the book about baseball I’m doing with my 11 year old . . . and nobody can stop me. I can–and do–live like a fucking king.

I don’t need anybody to let me into the club. I don’t need permission, or to wait for something to happen. I don’t need to hold my breath until some future magic date finally arrives. I already have everything I need to live like my heroes. And so that’s exactly what I’m doing. I’m getting after it . . . and if I can, you can too.

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