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Thanks, But No Thanks

I never got into comic books. But even so, it was impossible to miss The Sandman comics because all my depressed and cynical friends were into them in the 90s. Still, I didn’t pay much attention. I always had a hard time figuring out which panel to read next, and anyway, there wasn’t much actualContinue reading “Thanks, But No Thanks”

Tribute to a Tribute

It’s not hard to find a Foo Fighters fan. At least not in the circles I run in. [Pauses to allow dad joke-laughter to subside]. Saturday night I stood for several hours, barefoot in my office with the sound from Wembley running through my serious bluetooth speaker, dancing my ass off. And crying.  Crying likeContinue reading “Tribute to a Tribute”

One Thing at a Time

I’ve been suffering from these little bouts of desperation. Brief moments when I suddenly feel helpless. Hopeless. Just lost in a swirl of conflicting pulls from as many directions as I can hold in my head at one time. In the middle of an online guitar lesson, I feel like I should be writing. ButContinue reading “One Thing at a Time”

Creation Culture

Because I am a writer and a spirited talker, the cancel culture that persists these days really gets under my skin. You know . . . censorship and all that. Words are precious, if not to us all, then to most of us. And really, I thought that was the extent of my allergy toContinue reading “Creation Culture”


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