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Telling Stories

Over the weekend I converted a broom closet in our house to a little voice recording studio. By converted I mean I took all the random crap out of the room and hung a rug over the door. Works like a charm, actually.  The re-purposed room is a part of my decision to buckle downContinue reading “Telling Stories”

Let the Good Times Roll!A Record of Outreach & Engagement in Acadiana

A Strange Kind of Symmetry.   I don’t know what it’s like to write about South Louisiana from inside the state. It was 1999 when I started writing The Broad Stroke, my still unpublished first novel set on a fictitious version of the very real college campus that people now call the University of LouisianaContinue reading Let the Good Times Roll!A Record of Outreach & Engagement in Acadiana

Note to Future Self

Be good to your future self. Me and JP I’ve been reading and listening to some psychology and philosophical texts and thinkers recently. Jordan Peterson. Sam Harris. Kieran Setiya. Others. I don’t understand them all, but as I approach the half-century mark, some things are starting to come into the light. One interesting shift isContinue reading “Note to Future Self”

Thanks, But No Thanks

I never got into comic books. But even so, it was impossible to miss The Sandman comics because all my depressed and cynical friends were into them in the 90s. Still, I didn’t pay much attention. I always had a hard time figuring out which panel to read next, and anyway, there wasn’t much actualContinue reading “Thanks, But No Thanks”


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