Be a Collaborator – Submit Your Work

I started New Bayou Books to draw the great Louisiana writers out of the shadows. Are you one of them?

Where are the books that carry on the rich Louisiana Literary tradition of Kate Chopin, Walker Percy, John Kennedy Toole, John Ed Bradley, and Anne Rice? I couldn’t find examples of modern, compelling fiction set in Acadiana . . . so I started New Bayou Books.

Will the next generation of Louisiana writers please stand up?

I started New Bayou Books as a call to action. This is me officially raising the flag. If you’re bored (and maybe even a little embarrassed) by the mainstream fiction that supposedly represents Louisiana, then come stand with me–as a reader, as a writer, as a collaborator. If you’re from Louisiana and you have a story to tell, contact me today (even if your story isn’t finished).

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