[Full Story] How Tina Came to Work at Cecil’s Bar

What follows is the complete short story that is the second installment of this short series I’m posting to Kindle Vella and Substack. It’s basically me procrastinating on the next draft of my third novel. A couple blogs back I posted the opening lines . . . but here’s the full deal. About a 15Continue reading “[Full Story] How Tina Came to Work at Cecil’s Bar”

20 Years Today

There’s a little bridge in Louis Armstrong Park in New Orleans, which encompasses Congo Square, the birthplace of jazz. 20 years ago today I stood on that bridge in the only suit I owned, Chuck Taylors on my feet, hand in hand with my hot Chinese girlfriend wearing the only dress she had with her.Continue reading “20 Years Today”

How Tina Came to Work at Cecil’s Bar

Readers: I’m going to write another chapter to the little short story I posted last week. Here’s the opening paragraphs . . . what do you think? The short answer was it paid better than McDonalds. And she could smoke on the job. And the hours were better, though that one wasn’t as clear cut.Continue reading “How Tina Came to Work at Cecil’s Bar”

A Baseball Short Story

So, I had this idea to write a handful of short stories, all set in South Louisiana, of course. The reasons are pretty straight forward. One is, I have so many different ideas for scenarios and characters that I need a way to easily clear them through the literary docket of my mind. Otherwise, they’llContinue reading “A Baseball Short Story”

The Stories You Have to Write

The novel I’m working on is still far from reaching its full potential. Which is to say, it’s not really going well. But despite this fairly obvious reality, I’m still really into the story and, more to the point, I feel a strong sense of resolve to keep working until I reach the end. I’mContinue reading “The Stories You Have to Write”

The Shape of New Bayou Starts to Coalesce

This whole business of starting a creative business has thrown me more curveballs than Catfish Hunter playing backyard whiffle ball. Which is to say a lot. In the signature block of my New Bayou Books email (jr@newbayoubooks, if you want to drop me a line), it still says “launching soon”. Because really, I’m just gettingContinue reading “The Shape of New Bayou Starts to Coalesce”

The Difference Between Imagination and Reality

Until last week, I hadn’t been back to South Louisiana in something like four years. Way, way too long. So long that I had written and published two novels during my time away.  Which–don’t get me wrong–I’m not bragging about. Four years since I last visited family and friends in the great state of LouisianaContinue reading “The Difference Between Imagination and Reality”

Loving Louisiana Radio

I’ve been in South Louisiana with my family for the past week, having the time of my life. It’s the reason I failed to post a blog last Monday for the first time since . . . well, since I started my weekly rhythm more than a year ago. But I’m not here to dwellContinue reading “Loving Louisiana Radio”