What I Learned from Recording My Book

If you go to NewBayouBooks.com, you will find–right there on the home page–bootleg recordings of the first three “innings” of my latest book. The short, steamy novel is called Baseball on the Bayou: The Colton Lacombe Story. If you’re interested in the New Bayou Books project of sparking a renaissance of South Louisiana literature, IContinue reading “What I Learned from Recording My Book”

On Opinions About Opinions

I gotta level with you. I dropped the ball this week. It was my kid’s second week of spring break, and so he was around the house A LOT. Which tends to cramp my style, writing and routine-wise. And so I didn’t prepare my blog ahead of time. But, if you’ll indulge me for justContinue reading “On Opinions About Opinions”

(Lack of) Diversity and Inclusion

Though I still have some work to do to finish the audio recordings for the third New Bayou Book (Baseball on the Bayou: The Colton Lacombe Story), I’m already neck deep in my next novel. I’ve learned my lesson about talking too much about a work-in-progress (you might remember discussions about a book called TheContinue reading “(Lack of) Diversity and Inclusion”

Wait at Your Own Risk

Hi friends. Today’s post is quick and off the cuff. I have family visiting from out of the country, and I’m still in the final throws of publishing my latest short novel, Baseball on the Bayou: The Colton Lacombe Story (available now on Amazon), so this entry will have to suffice. Jason I don’t worryContinue reading “Wait at Your Own Risk”

My Latest Short Novel: A Quick Breakdown of Time and Cost

I uploaded the latest New Bayou Book–a short novel called Baseball on the Bayou: The Colton Lacombe Story–to Amazon earlier today (available for pre-order soon). So it seems like a good opportunity, for the sake of other independent authors, to offer a quick breakdown of the time, cost, and process associated with the project.  Here’sContinue reading “My Latest Short Novel: A Quick Breakdown of Time and Cost”

Celebrating a Somewhat Trashy Novel

For the past few weeks I’ve been procrastinating on finishing my latest short novel, a noir thing called Baseball on the Bayou: The Colton Lacombe Story. The book is 99% ready. Realistically, I could address the handful of small changes that still need to be made in an hour. But my feet continue to drag,Continue reading “Celebrating a Somewhat Trashy Novel”

Baseball on the Bayou: The Colton Lacombe Story

Hi friends. I’m cheating this week, offering a sneak peek of the opening paragraphs of the next New Bayou Book. The first “inning” of that book will be posted here, for free and along with the audio, very soon. Meanwhile, I’d love to hear what you think. Also, before I let you go, I wantedContinue reading “Baseball on the Bayou: The Colton Lacombe Story”

Is the Tide Turning?

“The woke worm has turned” Piers Morgan Before I get into this week’s material–which is nothing more than a segue to a recent discussion on culture and art between Piers Morgan and Ben Shapiro–I want to address the somewhat political nature of some of my recent essays.  To be clear, New Bayou Books is allContinue reading “Is the Tide Turning?”

To Censors Masquerading as Editors: Stop Helping!

Don’t gobblefunk around with words. Roald Dahl, The BFG The latest sucker punch in the ongoing, back-alley beat-down of western art and literature concerns Roald Dahl, author of classics like “James and the Giant Peach” and “Charlie and the Chocolate Factory”. Oh, and don’t forget “Matilda”. I don’t know how true to the original thisContinue reading “To Censors Masquerading as Editors: Stop Helping!”

On Doggy Diversity, an Excerpt from All Saints Day of the Dead

Hi friends. My kid is out of school this week, so my little family is off to the Ardennes, a picturesque area a few hours south of where we live. It’s like the Texas Hill Country of Belgium. As a bit of a cop out, but also because I want to introduce you to twoContinue reading “On Doggy Diversity, an Excerpt from All Saints Day of the Dead”