Where’s the South-Louisiana Literature?

I wrote two books in 2021, because I didn’t like the answer to that question. Join the mailing list to help.

Jason appears on Channel 15 in Lafayette, Louisiana.

Can’t Wait for the new Colton Lacombe Book? Download it now!

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Listen to Jason’s interview on Louisiana Considered here.

The good folks at The Yard: Crime Blog interviewed me. Check it out. Interview with Jason P. Reed of New Bayou Books

The second New Bayou Book. Cajun music, psychedelic drugs, and a murder in the cemetery . . . what more do you want?

My Mission, your Call to Arms.

Create Louisiana Literature. Spark a Revolution

There’s a great storytelling tradition in Louisiana. Kate Chopin, Walker Percy, John Kennedy Toole, John Ed Bradley, Earnest Gaines, Anne Rice. But, where have all the writers gone?

I believe the new generation of great Louisiana writers are probably hiding in plain sight. My mission is to draw them out. Why? Because the world needs more Louisiana literature.

Are you with me?

What I Learned from Recording My Book

If you go to NewBayouBooks.com, you will find–right there on the home page–bootleg recordings of the first three “innings” of my latest book. The short, steamy novel is called Baseball on the Bayou: The Colton Lacombe Story. If you’re interested in the New Bayou Books project of sparking a renaissance of South Louisiana literature, I…

On Opinions About Opinions

I gotta level with you. I dropped the ball this week. It was my kid’s second week of spring break, and so he was around the house A LOT. Which tends to cramp my style, writing and routine-wise. And so I didn’t prepare my blog ahead of time. But, if you’ll indulge me for just…

(Lack of) Diversity and Inclusion

Though I still have some work to do to finish the audio recordings for the third New Bayou Book (Baseball on the Bayou: The Colton Lacombe Story), I’m already neck deep in my next novel. I’ve learned my lesson about talking too much about a work-in-progress (you might remember discussions about a book called The…

the NEW Bayou Books

Tattoos and Tans

July 2021

Tattoos, drugs, sex, intrigue, beautiful women, vengeful dudes, cloak and dagger.

All Saints Day of the Dead

October 2021

Cajun music, pretty girls, psychedelics, a dead college boy.

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