Celebrating a Somewhat Trashy Novel

For the past few weeks I’ve been procrastinating on finishing my latest short novel, a noir thing called Baseball on the Bayou: The Colton Lacombe Story. The book is 99% ready. Realistically, I could address the handful of small changes that still need to be made in an hour. But my feet continue to drag,Continue reading “Celebrating a Somewhat Trashy Novel”

Baseball on the Bayou: The Colton Lacombe Story

Hi friends. I’m cheating this week, offering a sneak peek of the opening paragraphs of the next New Bayou Book. The first “inning” of that book will be posted here, for free and along with the audio, very soon. Meanwhile, I’d love to hear what you think. Also, before I let you go, I wantedContinue reading “Baseball on the Bayou: The Colton Lacombe Story”