The Shape of New Bayou Starts to Coalesce

This whole business of starting a creative business has thrown me more curveballs than Catfish Hunter playing backyard whiffle ball. Which is to say a lot. In the signature block of my New Bayou Books email (jr@newbayoubooks, if you want to drop me a line), it still says “launching soon”. Because really, I’m just gettingContinue reading “The Shape of New Bayou Starts to Coalesce”

Thoughts on First Drafts and Stephen King’s Fossil Metaphor

“Stories are found things, like fossils in the ground… Stories are relics, part of an undiscovered, pre-existing world.” Stephen King I read Stephen King’s book, On Writing, a couple years ago, after I finished the first draft of Tattoos and Tans, and even though I was captivated by the book, I didn’t put too muchContinue reading “Thoughts on First Drafts and Stephen King’s Fossil Metaphor”

Observations on an Inaugural Book Event

“If you think you’ve written something good, read it out loud . . . and then you will know.” Jason P. Reed A few weeks back I made the difficult decision of postponing my trip to visit family and friends in Louisiana over the Halloween/All Saints Day period . . . a trip which alsoContinue reading “Observations on an Inaugural Book Event”

Amazon Categories are Key

“Every great company, brand, career has been built in exactly the same way: bit by bit, step by step, little by little.” – Seth Godin Okay, so last week I talked a little bit about Amazon categories. Remember that? Of course you don’t! Neither do I.  The main point was simply that they seemed toContinue reading “Amazon Categories are Key”

Where’s It All Going?

“Time isn’t holding up, time isn’t after us Same as it ever was, same as it ever was”  – Talking Heads, “Once in a Lifetime”  I started writing Tattoos and Tans, my first book, in February of 2020. Since then, I’ve published the book, written three drafts of my second novel (coming out in October),Continue reading “Where’s It All Going?”

The Only Thing You Control is the Work, So Do That

“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I can not change, the courage to change the things I can, and the wisdom to know the difference.” – Amelia, quoting her favorite prayer in the forthcoming instant Louisiana classic from Jason P. Reed, All Saints Day of the Dead.  If you’re one of theContinue reading “The Only Thing You Control is the Work, So Do That”

Write for Yourself, Edit for your Characters or Fuck ‘Em and Feed ‘Em Fish Heads!

This week I spent some time and energy—of the intellectual and emotional variety—in the final stages of editing our first book, Tattoos and Tans. And the process brought out some very real lessons for me as a writer that I’d like to pass on. These will be especially useful for anyone who occupies the uniqueContinue reading “Write for Yourself, Edit for your Characters or Fuck ‘Em and Feed ‘Em Fish Heads!”