Talking Blues

A great story is a microcosm of humanity. A wise, accomplished writer with three names told me that recently. Call it a universal truth.  I’ve been thinking about this in the context of New Bayou Books. In the context of South Louisiana literature. What I’m up to with the company is trying to tease outContinue reading “Talking Blues”

The Rising Tide in South Louisiana 

I have to admit, it’s a strange and wonderful thing to hear podcasters, journalists, writers, and librarians repeating the phrase “a renaissance in South Louisiana literature” back to me. It’s something I’ve written and said hundreds of times over the last couple years, but there’s a special power in the words when other people speakContinue reading “The Rising Tide in South Louisiana “

Lessons Learned From My First Podcast

I’m in the middle of cooking dinner, and so I need to make this short. Lucky you. Still, I do have value to offer my nameless brethren out there in the early stages of building a creative enterprise. Everybody has a first podcast. And Jan Swift, host of the Discover Lafayette, was my first. IfContinue reading “Lessons Learned From My First Podcast”

Reality and Imagination are Fixing to Clash

“I spent some time in New Orleans. I had to live on rice and beans. I hitched to Texas when the sun was beating down. Won’t nothing bring you down like your hometown.” Steve Earle Well, the week has finally arrived. I’m headed back to South Louisiana for an extended soaking of all that isContinue reading “Reality and Imagination are Fixing to Clash”

Is this a Hero’s Journey, and if So, Who is the Hero? (Surely not me?)

“You enter the forest at the darkest point, where there is no path. Where there is a way or path, it is someone else’s path. You are not on your own path. If you follow someone else’s way, you are not going to realize your potential.” ― Joseph Campbell, The Hero’s Journey: Joseph Campbell onContinue reading “Is this a Hero’s Journey, and if So, Who is the Hero? (Surely not me?)”

Why New Bayou Books Must Work

“Why must it work? Because it has to.” me So, a few weeks back I hooked up with a seasoned Louisiana businessman who has agreed to serve as a kind of mentor to me, and he’s been putting me through my paces. I’m eager to understand what he knows and really push hard to getContinue reading “Why New Bayou Books Must Work”

It Feels a Certain Way to be Writing a Book

I can tell you up front that this will probably be one of the stranger blogs I’ve written. Strange because the thing I’m going to attempt to describe may be indescribable. But not strange because it isn’t real.  I’ve tried my best to pay careful attention to the various stages, sensations, and habits of theContinue reading “It Feels a Certain Way to be Writing a Book”

Thoughts on First Drafts and Stephen King’s Fossil Metaphor

“Stories are found things, like fossils in the ground… Stories are relics, part of an undiscovered, pre-existing world.” Stephen King I read Stephen King’s book, On Writing, a couple years ago, after I finished the first draft of Tattoos and Tans, and even though I was captivated by the book, I didn’t put too muchContinue reading “Thoughts on First Drafts and Stephen King’s Fossil Metaphor”

Goodreads and the New Challenge for Independent Writers

I’m going to keep this blog very short because, to be totally honest with you, I have wasted not just yesterday—which is my designated day to prepare the blog—but today (Monday) as well. I’m not proud of it, but there it is.  Nevertheless, I did make an interesting discovery last week that I want toContinue reading “Goodreads and the New Challenge for Independent Writers”

Amazon Categories are Key

“Every great company, brand, career has been built in exactly the same way: bit by bit, step by step, little by little.” – Seth Godin Okay, so last week I talked a little bit about Amazon categories. Remember that? Of course you don’t! Neither do I.  The main point was simply that they seemed toContinue reading “Amazon Categories are Key”