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Journalists, Podcasters, Venue hosts, Librarians:,

Thanks for your interest in New Bayou Books! The company is small, but the mission is not. Simply put, I’m trying to bring a new brand of edgy, page-turning South Louisiana literature to the world. But for now, the rest of the world will have to wait. All my marketing and outreach efforts are focused on Acadiana (which is tough because I live in Belgium–but that’s a story for another time).

Why? Because I’m writing and publishing for the people of Acadiana–especially those fellow Cajuns who don’t or haven’t read much in the past. My theory is a lot of people don’t read because they never find stories that really speak to them.

So that’s who I’m writing for: the guy who sits out on his porch on his days off, drinking Budweiser and day dreaming; the woman who likes the heat of those romance novels but misses the emotion, and the laughs. New Bayou Books is for those people and thousands of others around Acadiana . . . new readers just waiting for the right book.

Over the next few years I will discover other like-minded South Louisiana writers and help them put their own work out into the world. Either through New Bayou Books or some other venue. See, it’s not the publishing label that’s important. What’s important is bringing South Louisiana in all its richness and complexity to the page.

The market is full of clichés Hollywood tropes. What it’s missing is the real shit. The books that sound like people talk. The local color that goes beyond the primary colors. I’m talking about the beauty and the style and imagination that fuel’s the best of of Acadiana’s storytellers. That’s what New Bayou Books is all about.

Will you help me spread the word? You’ll find basic info about New Bayou Books below. But there’s so much more to the story. Please invite me for an interview so we can discuss it all like civilized people. JR@newbayoubooks.com is the best way to reach me.

Photo by Nicholas Rougeau.

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